17 / 03 / 15

The Advent of Vertical Farming and Its Innovative Technologies

5 reasons why the evolution of sustainable farming is vertical and tecnological Vertical farms are increasing around the world, promising a new, environmentally friendly way to grow crops with no soil and to feed the rapidly growing populations of cities worldwide, thanks to emerging technologies. Vertical farms are multiple stories, often have a hydroponic system [...]

04 / 03 / 15

Financial and PR benefits of renewable energy deals

Clean energy deals are becoming increasingly good financial bets for global corporations, while demonstrating their commitment to fighting climate change. Recently, Apple announced plans to spend nearly $2 billion on European data centers set to run entirely on renewable energy, and invested $848 million to secure power from 130MW of First Solar’s California Flats Solar [...]

24 / 02 / 15

Mobile devices recycling helps your business

Circular economy models for consumer electronics can cut CO2 and increase sales A new study has called on tecnology industry to adopt new circular business models and extend the life of mobile devices, by implementing reuse and remanufacturing, in order to cut their carbon footprint while expanding sales. The report – A circular economy for [...]

11 / 02 / 15

Sustainable cities in the world: the best one is Frankfurt

Poor scores for congestion, air quality and shortage of affordable housing prevent UK capital from taking top spot in new Sustainable Cities Index. London is the second most sustainable city in the world – ahead of Copenhagen and behind only Frankfurt – but scores poorly for congestion, declining air quality, a lack of investment in [...]

28 / 01 / 15

Five ways to make sustainability reporting more sustainable

Is sustainability reporting sustainable? There are some that think it is. The practice is now more widespread than ever before and and legislation in different parts of the world is supporting increased non-financial disclosure. This would indicate that reporting is here to stay. On the other hand, there are some that think it isn’t. There [...]

27 / 11 / 14

Transforming the corporation: how sustainability may guide the future

It may seem a fanciful exercise to imagine what the corporation of the future will look like, but for businesses grappling with how to incorporate social and environmental goals into their business models, it is not. More and more companies have come to the conclusion that in order to stick around, they must look beyond [...]

01 / 11 / 14

PE.SU. 2014: a successful award with more than 180 candidates

New record of projects presented. The winners will be declared in Chile Another great result in terms of projects presented: more than 180 candidates sent their essays to the sixth edition of the journalism award on sustainability PE.SU. 2014, organized by Entel – the first mobile operator in Chile – and the Catholic University of [...]

08 / 08 / 14

Energy Efficiency Myths, Busted!

There are companies, both large and small, already taking advantage of new technologies in the realm of energy and operational efficiencies, demand response, sustainability, and energy management. However, many organizations still have yet to embrace innovative energy management solutions, thinking they are either too expensive, too difficult to deploy or that they already have sufficient [...]

30 / 07 / 14

10 things you should know about investment in renewable energy

In a recent panel, experts shared their thoughts on how to increase investment in renewables amid falling prices, policy uncertainty and emerging tech In a recent online chat, an expert panel tackled the huge topic of how to grow investment in renewables as part of a transition to a low carbon economy. Here are 10 [...]

15 / 07 / 14

8 charts that show how climate change is making the world more dangerous

Disasters including storms, floods and heatwaves have increased fivefold since the 1970s, UN finds Forget the future. The world already is nearly five times as dangerous and disaster prone as it was in the 1970s, because of the increasing risks brought by climate change, according to a new report from the World Meteorological Organisation. The [...]