The Journalism Award on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of Entel is now in its 7th edition and is based on a partnership between Entel and Almed (School of Journalism of the Catholic University of Milan), which aims to spread the concept of corporate social responsibility in Chile and internationally.

Corporate social responsibility is a concept which has developed from the interest in ensuring that the company invests in sustaining the social, economic and environmental conditions in which it operates. It aims to achieve a sustainable development in the area where it operates and for the people it gets in contact with.

This contest intends to encourage the production of journalism projects of the media which operate in Chile on a national and regional level in the press, the Web, the radio and the TV. Moreover, it aims to involve professionals from other countries in Europe, Latin America and in the rest of the world, in order to spread the voice on these subjects and, in future, on the importance of this prize.

This award also aims to make a contribution towards the creation of the profound and deep-rooted concept of corporate social responsibility, thus stimulating a profitable public debate on this topic, which has become more and more important for sustainable development and for a positive profit of companies all over the world.