Five ways to make sustainability reporting more sustainable


Is sustainability reporting sustainable?

There are some that think it is. The practice is now more widespread than ever before and and legislation in different parts of the world is supporting increased non-financial disclosure. This would indicate that reporting is here to stay.

On the other hand, there are some that think it isn’t. There are those who subordinate sustainability reporting to the new financial reporting trend called Integrated Reporting, while others advocate online interactive disclosures instead of reports. As we move into 2015 and face another year of corporate efforts to improve impacts, manage risk and engage with the new opportunities that sustainability brings, amid a flurry of surveys and reports that support the case for or against sustainability reporting, what can companies do to embed reporting practice in a sustainable manner? In addition to the predictable list of things we already know – focus, clarity, materiality, relevance, balance, frameworks etc – here are some more creative approaches that companies might like to consider:

  • Excite your Board of Directors about reporting
  • Make your reporting process cool
  • Engage your employees around the published report
  • Drive your reporting throughout the supply chain
  • Celebrate reporters: as we have done with the PESU Prize >>>

Source: Csr Reporting