Suggested Topics


If your work (news, reports, interviews and television, radio or web reports) is focused on journalism topics related to sustainability, technology and social innovation in Chile, don’t hesitate in participating in our contest!

Should you have any doubts on the type of works admitted to the contest, check this topics list:

Sustainable technological development

Dissemination and promotion of technological progress that contributes to the respect and the protection of the environment and to the sustainability of ecosystems in the future.

Connectivity and telecommunication

Initiatives that help connectivity among Chilean citizens and facilitate the integration of isolated communities and long-distance interactions in order to strengthen their human capital.

Technological integration for disabled people

Projects that disseminate and encourage technological progress, allowing better communication and facilitating the integration of disabled people.

Community initiatives in the field of connectivity and technology

New monitoring and supporting systems for the communities, digitalization projects and applications that facilitate the access to education and culture.

Urban or architectural sustainable initiatives

Ideas that contribute to improve the quality of life in cities, both through energy conservation and process automation or through actions that allow distance management and that imply the creation of sustainable telecommunication towers.

Research and initiatives for sustainable development

Information about projects that help making sustainable the equipment and the resources used in industry or that improve waste management and disposal treatment (batteries, mobile phones, etc.).